Justin Sampsel – Tattoo Artist

Word Of Mouth – this is often most likely the best manner, if you all prepared have friends that have tattoos you prefer you’ll consider there creator. Even still due diligence must be taken to assure the tattoo artist is really qualified and was not just having a good day. You want to see a group of art work from someone not just a piece or two.

Justin Sampsel - Tattoo Artist
Justin Sampsel – Tattoo Artist

Look On The Internet – If you are new to an area or do not have friends with tattoos you like, do a local search on yahoo or Google. Look for an artist near you because if you are looking for custom work you may have to return to shop several times to okay sketches at different phases of the process. At the same time do not limit yourself geographically, especially if your initial search did not return any adequate results. If possible try and find four or five artist you are considering than funnel them down.

Look At Portfolios – It does not matter if you find a tattoo artist online or threw a friend you will need to look threw a portfolio of the artist work i.e other tattoos they have done threw out there career that reflect there level of skill. The portfolio also will reveal any specialties the creator may match during this is very necessary for folks seeking custom tattoo work.

Watch The Tattooer Work – If you are pleased with the portfolio work and think you have narrowed your search down to a few artist, set up an appointment to come and see the artist work. Ask if they a have an appointment coming up of a piece they are proud of, if so ask if you may come to the shop and watch. This will give you a change to see how sterile they keep there working area before taking the plunge yourself.

Ask queries – raise the tattoo creator questions on there post that’s UN agency really schooled them to tattoo. A person who went threw a formal apprenticeship will have spent several months watching other tattoo artist work, learning how machines work, building needles, mixing ink and learning other trade requirements. A tattooer UN agency didn’t do a proper post might have merely bought tattoo machines offline and tattooed enough friends to become ok to figure during a search. Also raise regarding the tattoo creator work history, how long have they been at the current shop, how many shops have they worked at. This information is important if a you are looking into a large tattoo that may take many appointments to finish, you will want an artist that has a stable work history.

Justin Sampsel teaches online guitar lessons to musicians all over the world and mentors musicians on how to build a successful music career

Use Your Intuition – Intuition means “to look inside”, do not be afraid to look around until you find the exact right tattoo artist. “Look inside” and feel matters if the tattoo creator incorporates a nice portfolio, you have got watched them tattoo and it looked nice however you’re still uneasy, walk away and continue your search.

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Justin Sampsel is a 35 year reside in Salem, WI. Justin Sampsel Begins his career as a recording & performing artist and now works in the industry as a music marketing consultant, music branding specialist, and publicist for independent artists.Justin Sampsel passion for indie musicians is his cornerstone.

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